Spiritual Reading and Good Conversation

The following document is on the Exercise of Spiritual Reading, sometimes also called Lectio Divina (reading from the Scriptures accompanied by meditation) and good, edifying conversation, together with the benefits that flow from this. The document is taken from the compiled works called Articles and Manuscripts of Dominic Farrell. Spiritual Reading “We address Him when … Read more

A Catholic View of Man | What We Are in the Light of Faith

Welcome to this treatise on man as seen from a Catholic perspective. The handwritten work, originally titled ‘A Catholic View of Man,’ is taken from the compilation, ‘Articles and Manuscripts of Dominic Farrell.’  I General Observations Many and deep are the questions we could ask ourselves about man: where he comes from originally, what essential … Read more

Christian Wisdom Literature I The Divine Invitation to Holiness

Here followes an essay on holiness and the wisdom of pursuing it. Taken from The Articles and Manuscripts of Dominic Farrell. Originally simply titled, ‘Christian Wisdom,’ this rather uncompromising document admonishes the soul to go forward in the way of Christian perfection, and explains the nature and excellence of this high estate.  There is a marked … Read more

Spiritual Counsels | Seeking Christian Holiness

Here are ‘Spiritual Counsels for a good Christian, interior life of holiness.  Taken from the compilation of Dominic’s Literature, Essays and Manuscripts.  Get above a too natural way of thinking The Christian who would be spiritual must see more than the mere exterior goings on of the world around him.  There is always more to see … Read more

The Holy Eucharist | Sacrament and Sacrifice | Interesing Facts

Here we will speak of the wonderful Sacrament of the Altar and how very great this treasure is in our midst.  [Taken from Dominic’s Literature, Essays & Manuscripts.]   The Holy Eucharist essentially consists in two things: A) a Sacrament and B) a Sacrifice. Both the Sacramental and the Sacrificial elements of this mystery were created at the time of … Read more

Interesting Facts About Guardian Angels | Catholic Angelology

Here you will find some very interesting facts about Guardian Angels, and Angels in general.  [Taken from Dominic’s Literature, Essays & Manuscripts.]   The Guardian appointed by God to protect you throughout your human life is a spiritual creature in the state of blessedness. He is always in heaven even though he is said to be … Read more

The Catholic Dogma of the Divine Maternity | Why Nestroius was Wrong

The Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is said to be the great dignity from which all Her other privileges and honours stem, for example, Her Immaculate Conception, Her Perpetual Virginity, Her Fullness of Grace and so forth with all the other titles under which She is recognised by the Church. The doctrine of … Read more