The Joys of Living in Charity | Love of God and Neighbour

Abiding happiness in man is a rare thing to find, but as every devout Christian knows, this is due to letting our hearts go out and rest in things that are created and temporal – not eternal and Divine.

As a Kempis says, ‘What is a greater trouble and hindrance to thee than thine own unmortified affection of heart?’

If we want something temporal we are anxious about it and it takes up our thoughts.  If we have that thing, we are often afraid of losing it.  We can also feel empty in the midst of earthly gain and feel needy in spite of having an abundance of good things.

Temporal things can either help or distract us from resting in God for Whom we are made.  There is always a kind of tension and spirit of distraction that goes with pursuing the things of earth for their own sake.

This state of mild tension is the struggle going on in our souls between the forces nature and grace, or rationality and conscience vs earthly mindedness.  The spirit of distraction is a state of continually avoiding the call of grace to turn within and face our duty to seek God, His will and our sanctification.

Spiritual Love and Service: A key to Happiness

Among the many wonderful fruits of growing in virtue and the true love of God, is that we begin to care for and serve others without the motive of selfish gain.  And with this comes a great peace, which is an essential component of being happy.

We are able to see things from a more Divine perspective once we cultivate a more spiritual love and purity of intention.  Being a giver, and making others happy to the best of our ability is a greater source of joy than being a receiver and always wanting to derive gain from others.

And why is this?  Because it is closer to the nature of God Himself Who is the very essence of goodness, and goodness is by nature diffusive of itself.  The closer we resemble God, the more we enjoy Him, and we experience His life in us more abundantly.

A spiritual man is not competitive; he is humble and at peace, being moved rather to compassion than anger towards those who have injured him.  He is not out for revenge on others, not swayed by peer pressure, not ambitious to appear acceptable.  His focus is on God, being free interiorly and he seeks to find and serve God in the person of his neighbour.

Means to this State of Spiritual Love

To reach this secret of deep peace and lasting happiness requires the daily prusuit of the spiritual life – consistent growth in the way of soul.

For this progress in the spiritual life we must have recourse to the usual means of sanctification including a deep and tender devotion to Mary, Mother of Christ and of the members of His Mystical Body.

For assistance and ideas, read our article on ‘7 Means of Sanctification | Pursuing Holiness.’

Peace and the blessing of Jesus & Mary.

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